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Novabel Dermal Filler

The world of cosmetic surgery is very vast and offers the patient in need many options. Patients have options that include the Novabel dermal filler. It gives the patient another choice to consider if they want to improve their appearance. The fact is that with time the skin starts to show signs of aging. The aging process is the result of fat and collagen cells within the face starting to decrease over time.

Why Opt for the Novabel Dermal Filler?

The idea of face lift surgery can be very scary for many patients. The use of dermal fillers can help the patient who decides to opt out of the more invasive cosmetic procedures. The Novabel dermal filler is a natural product made from marine algae extract. It is usually injected into the area directly via a fine needle. The process is different from other dermal fillers since it offers the doctor more flexibility by allowing shaping of the face (area) while it is injected. The patient will see results quickly and once it is formed to the desired shape, the filler is able to maintain the shape. Studies have indicated that patients may see the results of the procedure last for up to 12 months.

The benefits of this dermal filler (shaper) are similar to the other dermal fillers currently on the market. The procedure can be used for many different applications. The basic applications include nasolabial folds, chin augmentations, contouring of the cheeks and hollows under the eyes. The product can be applied to several areas at one time which makes it unique compared to other dermal fillers. The procedure is considered relatively painless. The side effects are minimal due to the water-like consistency of the dermal filler (shaper) and patients experience less common side effects like pain, tenderness, redness, swelling and bruising. The procedure also takes the same amount of time as the other dermal fillers of about 30 minutes.

Benefits and Limitations of the Novabel Dermal Filler

The patient should investigate the benefits and limitations of the procedure before deciding to go ahead with it. The procedure should be performed by a doctor of plastic surgery/dermatology. Like with all surgical procedures, the patient should be made aware of any risks. It is also advisable that the patient address any question or concerns with the doctor beforehand. The current cost of this procedure can vary but the overall end result seems to be well worth the expense to many patients.

The decision to have a cosmetic procedure done is not always an easy one to make. The best patient is one that is well informed and able to make reasonable decisions. Your doctor should be considered an excellent source for all of the questions that might arise. Today, the possibilities seem to be endless when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Consider the total benefits and how the end result will make you happy. Mother Nature is not always our friend, but now we have the tools to prepare for her onset. The Novabel dermal filler is one way to correct any tricks she may have up her sleeve.

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Novabel Dermal Filler

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