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Radiesse Dermal Filler

The passage of time plays a huge role in the formation of facial wrinkles. The facts are clear that as we age, we lose the vital components of collagen and fat from our skin. Radiesse dermal fillers offer the chance to regain that 'youthful appearance' from the past. Dermal fillers are used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or folds within the skin and they are used more commonly on the face.

What is the Radiesse Dermal Filler?

The popularity of dermal fillers has allowed patients to choose this non-invasive procedure in contrast to a face lift. The patient is able to have various conditions corrected by the Radiesse dermal filler method. It is a synthetic substance which contains calcium hydroxyl apatite micro spheres. The patient is injected using a fine needle containing the dermal filler directly into the dermal layer. The presence of the Radiesse within the skin helps to promote the growth of new collagen. The collagen will allow the wrinkles/ folds to become filled in.

Patients who have concerns involving wrinkles, folds (laugh lines), vertical lip lines and thinning lips may use also this filler. The studies indicate that it is a product which produces no real allergic reactions. The basic components allow for it to be absorbed by the body naturally. The principal factor is that patients have seen prolonged results due to the natural stimulation of collagen production. Many patients have results from the procedure lasting up to one year.

Who Should Consider the Radiesse Dermal Filler?

A patient seeking to correct a variety of age-related facial issues should consider dermal fillers. The various concerns that many patients have involve the presence of sagging eyebrows, cheek depressions, hollows under the eyes, jowls and even acne scars. The use of this procedure will not be too invasive and the results are apparent vary early.

The occurrence of side effects is similar to other dermal fillers. The majority of patients have experienced bruising at the injection site, redness, some swelling, pain, tenderness and itching. These side effects are not atypical for this procedure. The benefits seem to outweigh the occasional discomfort. It has been also noted that most patients react positively to just one or two treatments, thereby lessening the chance for many reactions to occur.

Radiesse Dermal Filler Considerations

Patients should always consider the facts when looking to have a medical procedure done. A specialist in the field of dermatology/plastic surgery should perform the procedure. The patient must consider what is involved in reference to the treatment and all of the costs involved. Currently, the cost of the procedure varies in different areas of the UK. It is a good idea to discuss all of the available options with your doctor in order to understand the possible surgical outcomes.

Finally, there are several choices available to the patient seeking wrinkle treatment. Once all of the benefits have been considered, dermal fillers offer a second chance to feel good again. The natural process of aging will not be such a negative experience anymore. Take a look at all of the possibilities and maybe the Radiesse dermal filler is for you.

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Radiesse Dermal Filler

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