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Collagen Dermal Filler

There are many different ways in which dermal fillers are created. They can be derived from synthetic, artificial or natural materials which have developed over many years to create the skin injection. The collagen dermal filler is an effective method of promoting skin restoration to its youthful existence. An individual can therefore have a firmer skin formation to create more radiant and sophisticated skin appeal.

Why Use Collagen Dermal Filler?

There are many different contents included in collagen dermal filler, most of which are natural materials which help to restore your skin texture and enhance healthy skin. The products used may have different thickness densities. Those of thicker layers will progress further into the skin to elevate wrinkles and deep lines. The line reduction treatment also includes folds around the naso-labia (mouth and nose lines), chin, lips, scar formations and cheek contours.

Where did Collagen Dermal Fillers Come From?

Collagen dermal filler is the original dermal filler and can be either permanent or semi-permanent, depending on the collagen chosen by the patient. The treatment has existed only since the early 1980s. It was initially introduced in the United States and since its invasion on the market, other countries such as the United Kingdom have also adapted to the principles of collagen injections. Collagen injections are very popular in the UK and more and more people are turning to the injections to regain their youthful look. The fillers that are semi-permanent are sourced by calcium hydroxylaphite and polylactic acid. Fillers that are permanent will maintain a well-groomed, permanent and durable effect. The cost for collagen dermal filler may vary depending on its functionality and the materials used to endorse its production.

In the mid ages of the twentieth century, paraffin and silicone were widely being used in place of today's revolutionised skin filler treatments. After careful research and test evaluations were performed, scientists discovered that a kind of collagen that resides naturally in cow skins was safe for human contact. In making this discovery, collagen dermal filler was implemented as the new substitute for fat filler materials and was quickly recommended by doctors and dermatologists.

Collagen Dermal Filler Statistics

Collagen pellets were evaluated as the fifteenth most common aesthetic procedure performed in the UK, hosting over 53,600 treatments in the year 2010, which has decreased by 9.5% since 2009. There are many individuals who are comfortable with the use of collagen injections and as time progresses, new procedures and equipment are being introduced to enhance the procedure. The statistics in each country vary greatly as collagen injections are most popular and easier to access in more developed countries, such as the United Kingdom.

The treatment is effective and as affordable as any other facial repair that doesn't require a surgical operation. Users are confident in the reliability of the procedure and the majority of patients have very successful treatments. It is recommended that all patients should fully research their treatment prior to signing up. Discussions with previous patients can help people make their decision.

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Collagen Dermal Filler

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