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Evolence Dermal Filler

Evolence is collagen based filler which has been approved by many medical services for being an outstanding product to correct facial wrinkles and creases. Evolence dermal filler has been used in the UK for numerous years. There are various practices throughout the UK and Ireland which offer this treatment and it is important that customers research all of the practices and consult practitioners to ensure they get the best results. The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors can offer patients further information about well qualified and successful practitioners.

What is Evolence Dermal Filler?

Evolence Dermal Filler is extracted from pig collagen and works by adding structure and volume to depleted areas on the face. It is an opaque, yellowish gel which is injected inside of the layer of facial skin to correct both deep and moderate wrinkles. It is mainly applied around the eyes, jaw line and cheeks to add additional volume. This will give users a more youthful and sculpted look. The skin can easily adapt to the collagen based treatment and it looks quite natural after its application.

The Evolence dermal filler is cross-linked with the help of Glymatrix technology. The term cross linking refers to a chemical process in which two different elements are combined to make a new mixture. In this case, the pig collagen is cross-linked with sugar to give the mixture strength and provide a long lasting effect for the patient. The new structure binds itself with the natural collagen which is supplied by the body. Collagen constitutes almost 80% of the skin and it maintains the integrity of the skin, however it breaks down with age. The collagen breakdown leads to lines, folds, and wrinkles.

Benefits of Evolence Dermal Filler

  • Numerous people experience visible swelling and bruising after normal dermal filler treatments, but with the help of Evolence filler these common side effects do not occur.
  • It adapts rapidly with the existing skin structure and makes the outer skin a lot smoother and reduces the risk of allergies.
  • It can be applied easily and quickly and the best thing is that it does not need any prescription drugs or medication to work. Most people see immediate results with Evolence dermal filler, and instead of losing money from work while recovering, the treatment does not require any recovery time.
  • It produces long lasting results for a person. The collagen injected into the skin works with the pre-existing skin tissue and turns it into a semi-permanent part of the face.

Who is the Right Candidate for Evolence Dermal Filler?

Evolence dermal filler is strongly recommended for individuals who wish to minimise the wrinkles and fine lines instantly, and is particularly valuable for those people who might have experienced allergic reactions to other leading dermal fillers.

You are a good candidate for Evolence filler treatment if you have:
  • Deep grooves on the forehead
  • Deep or moderate lines around the eyes
  • Slumped skin around the cheekbones and jaw lines
  • Loose skin around the upper cheeks and eyes
  • Lines around the nose and mouth

Evolence Dermal Filler Cost

It costs approximately 300 for each syringe of Evolence dermal filler. The number of syringes needed depends on the kind of wrinkles you have and the area in which it is to be applied. If this cost is more than your budget then you can always ask your doctor about payment plan options or offers.

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Evolence Dermal Filler

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