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Daphne Dermal Filler

Daphne is a combination of medical cosmetic pigments, minuscule coloured rayon fibres and grade silicones. This compound residue forms a resilient, safe and successful silicone mask that permanently removes shadows and lines caused by old age. The Benefits of using Daphne Skin Care Topical Dermal Filler are outlined below.

The Benefits of the Daphne Dermal Filler

  • Lines and wrinkles are minimised and it is successful for all people living in various environments.
  • Fillings are individualised by the person according to their needs.
  • It looks very natural and would not be identified by a passer-by.
  • It is effective and the treatment has a long-lasting effect.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Hides scars caused by acne and other skin diseases.
  • Make-up will not affect the results as it is below skin level.

Effects and Safety of the Daphne Dermal Filler

Practitioners can guarantee that the results of the treatment will be very effective and it is identified as one of the most popular methods of skin enhancement. The process uses surgical plastic that accommodates the silicone to create a perfect and smooth facial appearance to ensure the natural correction of the skin. Any individual can use this product and there have been no reports of any negative effects of the Daphne dermal filler application. The product was only available to plastic surgeons and dermatologists initially, however it is now becoming a more well-known and popular treatment worldwide.

The Side Effects of the Daphne Dermal Filler

The Daphne dermal filler for skin and scar treatment is diverse in its invention and promotes healthy and safe lifestyles. It is actually the only dermal filler that provides substantial results with no exposure to infections. The formula used to carry out the treatment consists of medical-grade silicone and it is safe for all users. Most of the dermal fillers on the worldwide market use hyaluronic acid as one of their ingredients, which is made of streptococcus bacteria and is injected into the skin. This process promotes cell migration and proliferation that can result in malicious tumours in the later stages of skin development. The alternatives offered by the Daphne dermal filler are very successful in providing safe and efficient results.

Where to Purchase the Daphne Dermal Filler

The product is mostly available online and can be purchased by individuals in the UK and worldwide. On average, the cost of the product is around 50-60. Sellers can choose to set their own price on the product so it is a sensible idea to research various sellers before making a purchase to ensure you get the best possible deal.

There are three Daphne dermal filler packs, which contain a wide variation of skin pigmentations, such as dark, light and medium tones. Once you have selected the tone required, you will need to ensure that the pack you purchase contains the following:
  • 36 Mixing tips
  • Skin Prep Spray
  • Wooden Spreading Spatulas
  • Two Skin Texture Pads
  • Soap Release
  • Extended Wear Primer
The applicators are categorised in three groups which are rayon fibres, medical grade silicones and medical pigments. Depending on your desire and skin requirements you can choose an applicator that makes you comfortable.

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Daphne Dermal Filler

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