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Types of Dermal fillers

Like all things, dermal fillers are not created equal. Some types of dermal fillers offer permanent solutions, while some only give temporary relief. Other types of dermal fillers are derived from natural sources while others are synthetically produced. But one thing is certain, with the numerous types of dermal fillers available, there is a sure one that fits your needs and circumstances.

Permanent Fillers

Artefill is a non reabsorbable filler that uses a material akin to ones used in surgical implants. This type of dermal filler rose to fame with its capability to provide a permanent support for lasting wrinkle correction. It is made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres which is a synthetic material. Risks of allergic reaction are a serious consideration since it is not a natural substance.

In applying Artefill the usual technique is to underfill during the first treatment and more refills are made in the follow up treatments so that the truly desired result can be achieved given that it is a permanent correction. Usually the full treatment lasts up to a period of six months.

Another permanent type of dermal filler is named Aquamid. It is permanent filler that consists of largely water and a small amount of polyacylamide gel (around 2 3%). Because it is made of gel and water, the resulting plump is soft and uniform and is very elastic allowing it to move with every change in facial expression. Your face looks naturally and you do not look stoned.

Semi-permanent Fillers

Restylane is a popular type of dermal filler. It is derived from non animal, stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) and does not require a skin test prior to treatment. It is largely used for treating moderate facial lines and wrinkles and is often used in conjunction with Botox. Perlane, another NASHA type of dermal filler, and produced by the same company, is used for lifting and contouring purposes since it consists of larger particles compared to Restylane.

Another type of dermal filler is Hydrafill. It is popular among doctors since it comes in different gel sizes appropriate for various sizes of wrinkles and facial lines. This allows doctors to manipulate the treatments easily to achieve the desired results.

Hylaform is a clear colorless gel type of dermal filler also made from hyaluronic acid. This acid is a complex sugar that is naturally found in the human body. It works by delivering the essential nutrients to the targeted areas and will hydrate the skin to make it look plump and temporarily removes wrinkles. Constant applications makes the results appear like a permanent one.

Temporary Fillers

The temporary type of dermal fillers are mostly derived from collagens. Collagens are also injected into the affected areas to ease out facial lines and furrows. It is a protein derived from bovines that is specially treated to make it compatible with the human body. It is easily absorbed by the body and breaks down and dissolves in the body six to twelve months after the application. Thus, there is a need to replenish regularly. While it may appear costly because of repeated applications over time, it may be advantageous for those who only want remedial correction of facial lines and wrinkles.

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Types of dermal fillers

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