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Dermal Filler

You must have heard that a new non–invasive way of looking young is out. And yes, it does not involve surgery. It involves dermal filler. This could be good news for people who want to look young but cringe at the thought of going under the knife. Who wouldn't? The traditional procedure, if you look closely, leaves you with Frankenstein – like stitches on the outlines of your face. Dermal fillers on the other hand give you instant results without having to worry with the complications of having your skin and muscles cut into pieces.

Steps in a Traditional Face Lift

The traditional face lift that does not involve dermal filler cuts an incision from ear lobe to ear lobe tracing through the boundary between your face and your forehead. The skin and your facial muscles are pulled up and then the excess skin and muscles are cut so the sagging would disappear. After such, the incision is closed with stitches. Like any normal surgery, you will then be asked to rest, that is to refrain from physical activities for two to three weeks. And because it involves the face, you might have to refrain from moving facial muscles a lot. So you have to scrimp on your smile or have to put on a neutral face even when angry. All these you can do away with dermal filler.

Advantages of Using Dermal Filler

Dermal Filler on the other hand, makes you look younger with a more natural look. While you get a wind – swept look with the traditional face lift, dermal filler makes you look plump by filling the shrunk spaces in your cheeks, forehead, and other parts of the face. Do you notice that your face look better whenever you gain weight? That is what dermal filler will do. A natural or synthetic substance is injected under the skin to sweep away the sagging that is manifested above.

Another advantage of dermal filler is that it is done with a minor procedure. It can be done at your doctors' clinic for a few minutes. Although it involves injections, the procedure does not involve more than just that. And with dermal filler, you get instant results. You do not have to hide for days or weeks to show off a younger you. You can wear your dermal filler – enhanced face right after your appointment with the doctor.

Disadvantages of Using Dermal Filler

The most obvious disadvantage of using dermal filler is the longevity. With a traditional face lift, you get to wear those rejuvenated facial skin for say, 10 or 15 years. Dermal filler are absorbed by the skin over time in just a matter of six months. This means more trip to the doctor, and probably would cost more over time.

Another concern is the relatively new track record of this technology. Many are asking what will happen to their faces and probably the whole body in the long run, as the fillers are absorbed into the tissues. Honestly, there are no definitive answers to date. It has been assumed safe to use because it involves the use collagen, and other acids that are naturally part of our body's make-up. But like any other substance, excessive amounts usually cause more harm than good.

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Dermal Filler

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