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It has almost been two years since the dermal filler Radiesse was given its medical approval by governing bodies. Since then, it has definitely grown in terms of its customer base as it continues to satisfy thousands of users year in and year out. Here's a quick look at this wonderful product and why it has captured such a huge following.

A Brief Overview

Radiesse, which also goes by the name Radiance, has established itself as one of the top dermal fillers in the market. While it first gained popularity in the United States, it has also become quite famous in the shores of the United Kingdom. Radiesse is used by surgeons for all sorts of facial cosmetic procedures that involve the minimization or elimination of folds and wrinkles. This includes acne scars, smile lines, marionette lines, and nasolabial lines (creases that appear from the corner of the mouth to the nose). Aside from also having the ability to increase the volume of the user's cheek area, Radiesse has also been known to help HIV patients that may experience facial fat loss.

How It Works

The main ingredient of Radiesse is calcium hydroxyapatite. The microspheres of this particular substance are suspended in a special biocompatible gel. One advantage of calcium hydroxyapatite is that it is a type of mineral that can be found in the body. Since it can be found in the bones, there is very little chance that users may encounter allergic reactions to Radiesse.

The effects of this remarkable dermal filler are twofold. That is, it combats folds and wrinkles by:
  1. It promotes the generation of collagen in the body.
  2. It adds considerable volume to one's dermal region which becomes quite noticeable after applying this product.
Application and Use

While this product remains to be one of the safest dermal fillers in the entire industry, it is still advisable to seek professional advice from a physician before going through with any medical procedure.

The healthy substances of this product enter the body through the surgeon's fine needles. This means that the only place that Radiesse treatment is to be performed is in a medical professional's office. Most procedures do not exceed an hour and patients are usually given local anesthesia in order to avoid any feelings of discomfort or pain. Some physicians also make use of topical anesthetics and apply them to the area or region at which the anesthesia is to be injected.

Although a single dose or injection of this dermal filler may be a bit more expensive than some of its famed predecessors, users end up saving tons of money because of the fact that with Radiesse, repeat injections need not be performed as often as with other injections such as Restylane. The effects of the latter will last for around half a year while that of the former should be visible for more than 12 months.

Moreover, the dose of Radiesse needed for follow-up injections become considerably smaller in succession because of the calcium present in this product. All of these point to the fact that users should be able to save more than a few pounds if they chose to stick with Radiesse.

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