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Among Hyaluronic Acid-based dermal fillers, there's a new FDA-approved injectable dermal filler product Elevess. Made available to the public late 2008, the new filler is the first synthetically produced Hyaluronic dermal filler formulated with an anesthetic that numbs the skin for a more comfortable dermal filling procedure.

Produced by the same maker of ArteFill which is considered the most expensive dermal filler in the market today, the new Elevess offers an equally effective injectable solution and a less expensive option. It is available for sale to qualified and licensed cosmetology practitioners and is distributed by Artes medical and is designed and manufactured by Anika Therapeutics with the patient's treatment comfort in mind.


In addition to its FDA approval as a cosmetic dermal filler, Elevess is likewise approved in the EU for correcting deficiencies in facial soft tissue lines and contours, facial wrinkles and folds, acne scar skin depressions as well as enhancing the lips. It is approved in Canada for the same purpose.

Indication and Complication

Elevess makers have indicated its use for corrective injection purposes in mid to deep dermis to treat moderate to severe cases of facial skin wrinkles and furrows like smile lines of nasolabial folds. In a controlled randomized clinical study of 209 patients, Elevess has proven to be a relatively safe and effective Hyaluronic filler that can last up to 6 months.

Mild adverse complications registered during clinical studies of Elevess were resolved within a week. These complications include mild allergic reactions such as swelling, tenderness, bumps, bruising and redness in the treated skin area. Like all other hyaluronic dermal fillers, it should not be used when severe allergies are encountered in patients.

Outstanding Qualities

Apart form its cost-effective promise, Elevess is said to contain the highest levels of Hyaluronic acid, as much as 28 mg per milliliter which should deliver a longer-lasting cosmetic result that most other Hyaluronic-based dermal fillers. It may well have the same longevity as Juvederm or Perlane -- the two Hyaluronic fillers with the longest sustained effectiveness. Its makers claim it can last up to 6 months. But as a new product in the market, there are still no statistical reports to confirm this.

With a 0.3% lidocaine content that provides the claimed anesthetic action after injection, Elevess, marketed as "The Feel Good Filler" is one of the few Hyaluronic dermal fillers synthetically produced with anesthetics. And like other Hyaluronic fillers, Elevess offers bio-compatibility with significantly little or no health complication. The new product is expected to bring the benefits of dermal fillers to more people wanting to reverse the dermal signs of aging while benefiting practitioners with a more comfortable treatment for their patients. In short, Elevess provides a more cost effective and comfortable aesthetic solution.

Artes Medical is expected to market Elevess together with Anika's flagship ArteFill, the only FDA-approved non-resorbable dermal filler for permanent smile line and wrinkle correction. This should cover both ends of the market demographics with a cheap Elevess and an expensive ArteFill product. The two product lines makes Artes medical the first and only US cosmetic company to have a product portfolio of FDA approved dermal fillers offering a wide treatment option.

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