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Dermal Fillers Kent

Kent like many other parts of the United Kingdom is finding that there is more and more of a demand for companies that provide dermal filler treatments. This is a process whereby the wrinkles are removed from the face through the injection of a natural product. Dermal fillers can remove new wrinkles that are just appearing but can also remove longer established and deeper ones. It is a safe procedure due to there not being the need to break the skin. It is also a lot cheaper than a face lift and safer than Botox.

It is hard to say how much each treatment will cost but there will be ways to carry out the procedure over a period of time to make sure that the cost will not have to be covered all at once. As the dermal filler lasts for up to 12 months there is no need to be paying out week after week.

Dermal Filler Kent Clinics

The St John Clinic offers dermal filler treatment in Kent. The website gives a price of around 200 per treatment. After a consultation there will a decision made as to how many visits will have to be made to make sure that the entire area treated will be covered. They offer a 10% discount for clients who introduce new clients. As this is not a service covered by the NHS it will be necessary to pay for all treatment that is performed.

Wells Clinic is Kent's oldest clinic but they keep up to date with the latest procedures and offer dermal filler treatment. They use Restylane wrinkle fillers and also the newer ones such as Juvederm who produced Botox and Teosyal- a new product from Switzerland. Prices do not appear on the website but will be agreed with the patient before the treatments start. There are periodic discounts available so it may be possible to get a very good deal when having dermal filler treatment.

The Harley Medical Group also offers dermal fillers in Kent. They show their accreditation on the website and for those concerned about the treatment and its safety, this should be a comfort. They are IHAS Register of Injectable Cosmetic Providers (UK) CQC - Care Quality Commission (UK) registered.

Dermal Fillers Kent Treatment

The treatment will be painless and there will be no need to have any time away from work after the procedure. Many clients just have the dermal filler Kent treatment carried out during the working day and then return in the afternoon. It is possible that there will be a slight reddening of the area and also possibly a bit of bruising. This is not going to last long and the same applies to any swelling that appears. Within a week or so the lips and skin should look just how the client hoped.

The treatment will need to be carried out about every 9 to 12 months and if this is done the wrinkles will not be able to take over again. They will begin to appear after a while but another treatment with dermal filler will quickly banish them again.

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Dermal Fillers Kent

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