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Dermal Fillers Bristol

As the possible dangers of cosmetic surgery is becoming better known many women are deciding against a surgical face lift and are now looking for other ways to keep looking young. At one time Botox was popular but that seems to be less so now and there are a number of dermal fillers available that do not have the same amount of danger attached to them.

The number of people having dermal fillers in Bristol is increasing and to match it so are the numbers of clinics offering the service. It is a much less controversial procedure now and people are more likely to admit to having treatment. As a result the clinics are often based in the city centre allowing workers to visit in their lunch hour and then get back to work.

Dermal Filler Bristol Clinics

Revitalise Cosmetics is one clinic who offer dermal fillers for the residents of Bristol. The treatment is carried out in a number of ways. A small amount of filler is used to remove fine lines while more will be put into deep lines to reduce them. Scarring can be improved by this method and some people choose to have their lips enlarged by the use of dermal fillers. It is hard to give a true cost as all people will want different treatments. It is estimated that most visits will cost somewhere between 130 and 500. The work carried out should last for between 6 and 9 months and while this is classed as a non-prescription procedure the only staff that will carry it out will be full qualified.

Brunel Medical Bristol Ltd also offers the same treatment. Their dermal fillers are teosyal, juviderm, restylane/ perlane and these are the most popular types. They are proud that their treatments show an immediate effect and there are no concerns that clients will need to take time away from work or look disfigured until the procedure has settled. As well as providing a good service the Brunel clinic offer rewards for their treatments and for clients who have dermal filler treatment there they will be able to collect stamps which will build up to allow them to have money off future treatments.

It is not only specialist clinics that offer dermal filers but some dental practices have staff qualified to carry it out too. Clifton Down Dental Practice offers the service along with their normal dental procedures. Due to the short time it takes for a treatment it will be a nice end to a visit to the dentist. After undergoing any treatment needed there can be the relaxation of a dermal filler session.

Costs of Dermal Fillers Bristol

It is hard to give an exact price as the amount of dermal filler used and the area covered will apply. An estimate of the prices however is:-
  • Lips - Upper From 285
  • Lips - Lower From 285
  • Upper and Lower Lips - From 500
  • Nose to Mouth Lines (charges each side) From 285
As the procedure will only need to be carried out a couple of times a year dermal filler treatment is affordable for many people in Bristol.

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Dermal Fillers Bristol

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