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What are dermal fillers?

So what are dermal fillers anyway? You've come across this term a couple of times already and still, you have no idea what it actually is. Although you may have a hint on what it does, you remain unsure of how it actually works. Well, you've definitely stumbled upon the right article if you're one of the thousands of UK residents that have asked the question what are dermal fillers?

At a Glance

What are dermal fillers made of? The most common type of dermal fillers today are those that come in injectable form. A wide variety of these fillers are composed of different substances that all aim to combat the adverse effects of aging on your skin. One of the most popular substances in these dermal fillers is collagen, which is a natural protein that can be found in the skin and bones. This substance is essential in keeping the skin's elasticity. What are dermal fillers about and how do they work? In a nutshell, the main purpose of dermal fillers is to plump up the skin or area on and around the site of the injection. While different fillers achieve this end through a variety of ways, all ultimately aim to give the skin a fuller appearance thereby making the patient look younger.

What are dermal fillers going to affect? Obviously, dermal fillers will affect the skin. To be more specific, it provides rejuvenation to the area that is close to the injection site. If you were to have dermal filler injections on your forehead then you should expect this area to gain an added youthful radiance.

In Depth

What are dermal fillers for? Unless you skipped through the first half of this article, you'd already know that the main reason why a lot of people makes use of dermal fillers is to make themselves look younger. Plastic surgery has become an accepted reality in today's society and dermal filling is yet another revolutionary procedure that further enlarges this already sizable market.

What are dermal fillers going to cost me? While dermal fillers don't necessarily come for cheap, they are definitely more affordable than other cosmetic surgery procedures. Depending on where you choose to have your dermal fillers done, expect to pay upwards of 200. Some dermal filling treatment may cost up to 500 and above.

What are dermal fillers side effects? As with any other cosmetic procedure, dermal filling also has its share of unwanted side effects. One of which would be the development of bunny lines or those lines that appear between both sides of the nose and the eyes every time you smile. However, if done properly, side effects such as these should easily be avoided.

Dermal filler Conclusion

Hopefully, the discussion above was able to answer the basic question a lot of people have been asking what are dermal fillers? By now, it should no longer be clouded in mystery as this article has already provided a concise, yet comprehensive look at this cosmetic product. So the next time your friend asks you 'what are dermal fillers?' you'll surely have an answer ready and waiting.

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What are dermal fillers?

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