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Dermal Fillers Side Effects

Trying to look younger has been something that women have strived to do for centuries; we seem to always be looking for the fountain of youth. Dermal fillers cannot make you younger but they can make you look younger. They are the perfect non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery. Not only are they easy to perform but they are less expensive and safer while at the same time providing the same younger looking results. They have been used for decades and they have a track record of being both safe and effective.

Dermal fillers are performed by using a small needle to inject a filler under the skin on your face. This is done as a way to build up the skin to erase the wrinkles or plump up your lips, cheeks or chin area. The entire procedure usually takes less than thirty minutes to complete and is performed in the doctor's office. This treatment also costs substantially less than cosmetic surgery making it more affordable for many people.

Dermal Fillers Side Effects

Since dermal fillers are a non-surgical procedure, all of the risks that are associated with surgery will be eliminated. They now make the filler solution from all-natural products which reduce the chances of anyone having an allergic reaction to the treatment. You will not be put on any restrictions after having the procedure done and you will be able to continue on with all of your regular activities. The only exception to this is you will be asked to limit your exposure from direct sunlight for the first day or two.

There are, however, a few dermal fillers side effects that are experienced by some people just after the procedure. These side effects include soreness, swelling and redness in the area of the face that received the injection. In most cases, these dermal fillers side effects are only mild and do not hinder the patient's ability to perform their normal daily activities. In almost all cases, all of these side effects diminish in anywhere from two to fifteen days. In rare instances, the swelling has still not gone down after fifteen days. In these cases, the doctor will have to insert another injection to help break down the filler that was added.

After Care

If you are experiencing swelling as one of the dermal fillers side effects, you can apply ice to the area to help reduce the swelling. It is a good idea to hold the ice in place for several minutes and then remove for several minutes and then start the cycle over again. Applying ice for the first twenty-four hours is all that you should need to do to help bring the swelling down but you can reapply as needed.

Your doctor should send you home with information about any pain medication that you should take if you experience any soreness after the injection. If your doctor did not provide you with this information, you should call the office and find out what pain relief is best for you to use. This soreness should only be mild and only require a mild pain reliever. You can also message the area gently with your fingertips as this may work to soothe the area.

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Dermal Fillers Side Effects

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