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Dermal Filler Under Eyes

Thousands of women suffer from bags below their eyes. This condition only worsens as they grow older. If they have utilised an injectable dermal filler treatment in the past, they may consider dermal filler under eyes as a viable option for addressing this unappealing condition. Dermal filler under eyes can alleviate many of the bags without having to resort to surgery.

Dermal Filler Under Eyes Treatments

At present, there are only two treatments for correcting under eye bags. The first is known as a blepharoplasty. This is a surgical intervention and is used by thousands of women in the United Kingdom each year. In terms of cosmetic surgical procedures, it is the third most popular. For some women, this surgical procedure might be their only solution. But for most women, dermal filler under eyes is a very viable alternative.

Advanced dermal fillers are currently in use by thousands of physicians across the UK to deal successfully with facial imperfections. They contour facial features and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. At present, there are approximately eight different dermal fillers on the market. The prices for these treatments vary, but they generally start at about 300 per vial. If you are having just one facial line treated, you will probably need only one vial. You can expect to see the results of this treatment for six to twelve months before you will have to return to your physician for another treatment.

How Does Dermal Filler Under Eyes Benefit Me?

Dermal filler under eyes to address problems with bags is usually done to fill in the depressed area between the cheek and the under eye area. Your physician will try to build up your cheek in an attempt to smooth out the area between the check and the bag. The desired effect is to fill in the concave area below the bag and lift the cheek area which will provide a more natural looking contour between the two. This is what ultimately masks the appearance of the bag and causes it to "disappear" from the face.

How Are Dermal Fillers Under Eyes Administered?

Dermal fillers are administered through a series of injections using very fine needles. These needles are placed just below the subcutaneous fat level of the skin. The injections are made very close together so that the effect is continuous. The injections are not very deep and they are virtually painless because they are administered under local anaesthesia.

Who Can Administer Dermal Filler Under Eyes?

If you are considering having filler treatments of this nature, you should take care to consult a qualified board certified physician. Most people will see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for treatments such as these, especially when they will be carried out so close to the eyes. These treatments usually take less than thirty minutes to carry out. You should consult a physician who is experienced in performing dermal filler under eyes treatments so that you can be assured of a positive result. A physician with experience will be far more likely to give you the effect you desire. An experienced professional will be able to optimise your results so you will be happy with the natural results you see.

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Dermal Filler Under Eyes

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