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Dermal filler treatments

Nowadays, there are numerous ways of looking younger than your actual age and maintaining the freshness of your youth.

Among the many, and the most popular non invasive method is the use of dermal filler treatments. These treatments promise you a wrinkle - free and more youthful appearance without the pains associated with facial surgery. Injected into the inner layers of the skin, the fillers binds with dermis and hydrates the skin, giving it a plumper look. As a result, the dermal filler treatment eases out the furrows and lines and giving way to a smoother skin surface on the face. Making you look like the way you look when you are younger.

There are a variety of dermal filler treatments to choose from. Although the method of introduction is via injection, you can choose from those naturally derived from human cells and animal proteins, to those that are synthetically produced substances that are specially treated to make them compatible with natural skin and body processes. You can also choose from those that offer temporary, semi-permanent and permanent plumping after the dermal filler treatment.

Nature's Plumpers

One form of dermal filler treatment is the use of human skin cells. The cells are extracted from the body, usually the patient itself, made to multiply until they reach a population of tens of millions in a laboratory and then they are injected back into the areas that need plumping. This dermal filler treatment is called cell harvesting or Isolagen. Quite costly, as they are safest, they might not be offered in many dermal filler clinics in the UK and abroad.

Another form of dermal filler treatment is the use of collagen, a protein derived from bovines. Collagen has been widely used in a number of cosmetic procedures worldwide since it was developed in the 1970's in Stanford University in California. Collagens are considered temporary fillers as they are absorbed and broken down by the body through time.

Synthetic Substances

The most numerous in terms of products is the hyaluronic acid group of dermal filler treatments. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar that is produced naturally by the human body. A synthetic way of producing such outside the body has been developed and it has been produced in great quantities for use in dermal filler treatments. The acid delivers the necessary nutrients to hydrate the skin in the targeted area and plumping it to remove furrows and wrinkles. Regular filling with the acid maintains the even consistency of the skin in the problem areas.

Another dermal filler treatment is through the use of dermal filler that consists of water (96%) and synthetic polymer. Once injected in the selected part of the body, a capsule of collagen forms around the filler and plumping the area. This is said to be ideal for giving more volume to thin lips and shrunken cheeks. The manufacturers claim that the filler can be easily extracted anytime should the patient choose to.

Another permanent filler is an implant made of water and polyacrylamide gel. It is injected into the area of the skin that needs plumping. After a time, it becomes a permanent fixture in the injected area, held in place a membrane formed around it, giving the area a permanent "plump" look and feel.

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Dermal filler treatments

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