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Dermal filler side effects

There is no doubt that dermal fillers have become a mainstay in the world of cosmetic surgery. In a society that finds beauty in youth, more and more individuals are dejected by the sight of wrinkles and facial lines whenever they look at themselves at the mirror. This and other major factors have made cosmetic surgery nothing out of the ordinary as dermal filling products continue to rise. However, is there anything to fear with regard to dermal filling side effects?

Weighing the Consequences

As with anything else in this world, it is always necessary to look at the pros and the cons of any potential deal. The same holds true for cosmetic surgery. Are its aesthetic benefits on an individual able to outweigh any dermal filling side effects?

The fact of the matter is that aside from being highly effective, dermal fillers have also proven to be as safe as it gets in terms of cosmetic procedures. This is of course if it is administered correctly by trained professionals. The injectable variety of herbal fillers is effective in revealing a younger and healthier side of you by battling wrinkles and facial lines.

However, it is also true that as with all types of cosmetic procedures, the use of fillers also has its own risks. There are instances wherein dermal filling side effects manifest themselves in users in a variety of ways.

The Different Types

In order to understand this complex concept, it is first necessary to note that in the UK, there are primarily two types of dermal fillers: permanent fillers and non-permanent or biodegradable fillers. While both are effective in battling the signs of aging, the two will also have their fair share of dermal filling side effects.

Most known dermal filling side effects are present with permanent dermal fillers. These products contain Polyalylamide and Poluacrylamide which are the two primary causes of unwanted effects. Permanent dermal fillers contain synthetic, non-biodegradable substances which the body is unable to get rid of. One of the more common dermal filling side effects of such products is the distorted and unnatural look of the users face because of the fact that the fillers are unable to adjust to the natural changes of the patient's face.

Caution is Key

Another important consideration is that here in the UK, medical governing bodies are more lax when it comes to the approval of such products. Compared to the US, there are much more dermal fillers in the market which simply translates to the higher probability of patients encountering different dermal filling side effects.

In fact, some publications have even labeled the UK market as lab rats for these products. According to some criticisms, some pharmaceutical companies test the dermal filling side effects of their products on the UK market before marketing them in the US where the cosmetic surgery industry is much bigger. May this be true or not, it is always necessary to take extreme caution in such procedures so as to avoid any dermal filling side effects.

As with everything else in life, it is important to be safe rather than sorry. Always ask for professional advice before entering or going through any medical procedure, especially cosmetic surgery. Failing to do so will definitely increase the likelihood of dermal filling side effects.

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Dermal filler side effects

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