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Dermal filler results

For the adults, a wrinkle free look and plump cheeks are but things of the yesteryears that one can only dream of having back. However, the current rage on facial rejuvenation is up and they are called dermal fillers. Today, you can stop dreaming and experience real dermal filler results in no time.

The rage is understandable as it immediately fulfills fantasies of great skin and Angelina Jolie look. With dermal fillers, there are no downtime and you get the desired dermal filler result in just two to three days.

The Procedure

In order to plump up, fill in, or recontour the face, dermal fillers, which are derived from a wide variety of sources, are injected into the targeted areas and just under the skin. Once introduced, it immediately works to taking the shape it is expected to be underneath. Thus, you even out a wrinkled forehead or beef up thin lips.

The procedure is done with very fine needles and can be done in your doctor's clinic. A minor anesthesia maybe applied before injecting to eliminate all forms of pain and discomfort. Unless you are extra finicky when it comes to medical procedures, there are no major preparations needed prior to the procedure, and yet you still get the desired dermal filler results.

The Liquid Face Lift

Dermal filler results are often referred to as the liquid face lift to contrast it with the surgical face lift result that makes you look stony faced. Dermal fillers also come in liquid or gel form thus the name. Dermal filler results certainly looks more natural as it corrects from within.

It is good to note though that not all dermal fillers are created equal and some are manufactured for a specific purpose such as smoothing out wrinkle folds, or augmenting lips, or plump up skin below the area of the eyes. Thus, to get the desired dermal filler result, it is best to discuss thoroughly with your doctor your condition and expected results.

Is it for Good?

Another reason why you should think through and discuss with your doctor before deciding on a procedure is the fact that some things can not be undone as simply as they are done. Thus, you must have a clear idea of your desired dermal filler result.

Fortunately, you now have options for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary dermal filler result. Temporary or absorbable dermal fillers are usually derived from collagens. Since its development in the 1970s, collagens have been widely used in many cosmetic procedures worldwide. It is derived from a specially treated bovine or porcine protein that is easily absorbed or broken down by the body naturally. Thus, while dermal filler result is observable almost immediately after application, it can last up to a maximum of only 12 months. This means that you have to visit your doctor for a "retouch" should you wish to maintain your look.

Semi-permanent and permanent fillers are numerous and come in different brands. These products are usually derived from synthetic Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring complex sugar in the human body. Thus, immunological and allergic reactions are expected to be nil and are not expected to interfere with dermal filler results when these products are used. These fillers may last up to two to ten years.

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Dermal filler results

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