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Dermal filler injections

If you are not averse to needles and injections, then dermal fillers may feel just right for you should you want to say goodbye to wrinkles and achieve a refreshing facial rejuvenation. Dermal filler injections are the newest and most popular non surgical method of erasing wrinkles, furrows, lip lines and dimples in the skin. The dermal filler injections can also be used to plump up your lips and raise the bridge of your nose. And what other wonders it can do to your face, your doctor can tell you.

Injection with a Smile

Since childhood, many of us cringe at the sight of an injection. I personally have not outgrown the fear of needles and would like to avoid such as much as possible. However, expect something different with patients about to undergo a dermal filler injection. With the promise of better look after the procedure, they might even manage to smile while undergoing the procedure.

Types of Dermal Filler Injections

Dermal filler injections are substances derived from a wide range of materials and are used to smooth out appearance of skin problems due to aging. They are either derived from animals, human cells or synthetically produced substances. Dermal filler injections are introduced just under the outer layers of the skin over areas that need plumping such as wrinkle lines, dimples and shrunken areas of the face. This gives a "youthful" look as it eases out the surface of the skin. As opposed to the wind-swept look of a surgical face lift, the results of a dermal filler injection looks more natural and pleasing.

Dermal filler injections can either be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. The temporary variant usually lasts up to a maximum of 12 months before they are naturally broken down by the body. This means that you need to again visit your doctor for another shot if you want your face back. The good thing about being temporary is that you can do away with the look if you do not like the result.

The next time around, you or your doctor can suggest a different procedure or a different plumping up routine for a better look. The bad thing is that this may be more expensive in the long run as you need to do a "retouch" regularly. Temporary dermal filler injections include collagens, which are derived from especially treated bovine protein. This is widely used as a major substance in a number of cosmetic procedures worldwide. Although this has close proximity in terms of characteristics to human protein, routine allergic reaction tests are conducted prior to administration.

Semi-permanent dermal filler injections may last up to two to three years. This requires less number of trips to the doctor's clinic and less need for doctor's fees and purchase of fillers. You also do not have to undergo the procedure as often as once in a period of few months. Popular brands are Restylane, HydraFill, HylaForm and Juvederm. These products are derived from purified hyaluronic acid, a complex sugar that is naturally found in the human body. Because of difficulty in extracting such from humans, it is synthetically produced. However, since it is naturally occurring in the body, the danger of an allergic reaction is ruled out.

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Dermal filler injections

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