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Dermal filler indications

Dermal fillers have definitely become a popular form of treatment to combat the unwanted signs of aging. Nowadays, a lot of people have chosen to hide their real age by going under the knife to make themselves look younger. May it be through surgical procedures or otherwise, it is undeniable that dermal fillers have arrived and are here to stay. However, one of the biggest issues of patients are dermal filler indications. While cosmetic surgery has become widely accepted, a lot of folks still want to keep their facial alterations a secret.

Bunny Lines

While it may sound cute and adorable, there's nothing pretty about bunny lines. These facial lines are the ones you'd find on the ridge of the nose. These horizontal lines usually appear whenever a person smiles and are one of the most obvious dermal filler indications. The term bunny line comes from the famous, twitchy, and wrinkled noses of rabbits. While it may appear to be cute for these adorable creatures, the same does not hold true for humans as bunny lines remains to be one of the most unwanted dermal filler indications.

Renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Schwarcz sheds some light on this matter by saying that, "The most common cause of bunny lines is repeated use of Botox to the glabella the area between the eyebrows and forehead region. The muscles on either side of the nose become hyperactive with smiling to overcompensate for the lack of movement in the forehead and around the eyes."

The Viscous Cycle

No one wants to have dermal filler indications. Therefore, it would only be natural to look for ways to avoid or prevent them. While there are a couple of ways to rid one's self of dermal filler indications, what most surgeons would prescribe is to undergo Botox. It becomes somewhat of an irony as the very procedure that causes dermal filler indications seems to be the most effective way to get rid of them. In order to get rid of these unwanted bunny lines, one might need to get additional or follow-up dermal fillers or Botox. What assurance then could patients have that this new procedure will not cause the development of new bunny lines; or even worse, other more obvious dermal filler indications?

Is It Worth It?

The main reason why folks undergo cosmetic surgery is to hide their age. That is, they paid thousands of pounds to make themselves look younger. What then would be the point of such procedures if the consequences would include dermal filler indications or other tell-tale signs? Would it be worth spending that much money on a procedure that would indeed make you look younger, but in the end, indicate your actual age? If this is the case then we would have to say no.

The trick then lies on finding a procedure or a type of treatment that doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with dermal filler indications. The truth is that there are more than just a few out there. One may have to shell out a little bit extra for such a "natural" procedure but it will all be worth it in the end. Those who want to steer clear of dermal filler indications ought to be willing to pay a premium. There is after all, a price to pay for beauty.

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Dermal filler indications

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