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Dermal Filler FAQs

Most people have real concerns and questions about using dermal fillers on their face and neck. Here are some of the most common dermal filler FAQs to help you address some of these questions.

How Safe Are Dermal Filers For Cosmetic Use?

The United Kingdom does not have a regulatory body which approves new drugs coming on to the market so, in the United Kingdom, dermal fillers have not been approved for cosmetic use in the same way they have been in the United States. In the United States, dermal fillers have received overwhelming approval by the Food and Drug Administration, the body that oversees the use of drugs.

Most dermal filler FAQs will tell you that it is highly unusual for a user to be allergic to any dermal fillers. Although most dermal fillers are derived from animals, allergy testing is not usually necessary. Very few patients report any allergic reactions to dermal filler treatments.

Do Dermal Filler FAQs Adequately Outline The Risks Of Using Dermal Fillers?

Most dermal filler FAQs will more than adequately outline the potential risks of using dermal fillers to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles from your face and neck. The most commonly experienced risk is encountered when the treatment is being administered by someone who is not qualified to give injections. There is risk of infection from unsterile techniques. There is also a risk of excessive bruising at the injection site. The most common problem that people experience is unsatisfactory results. This risk can be mitigated by consulting only a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform your treatment. Make sure that they have enough experience in the treatment procedure you are having done to put you at ease.

Do Dermal Filler FAQs address Skin Issues for Women of Colour?

Yes, most dermal filler FAQs will address the issue of using dermal fillers on women of colour. It is entirely safe for women of colour to use dermal fillers. All dermal fillers contain no pigment that can interact with skin colour and they are not visible once they are injected into the skin. They will not alter the colour of the skin.

Can Dermal Filler FAQs Answer The Question Of Whether Or Not I Will Be Able To Feel My Fillers After Injection?

Yes. Most dermal filler FAQs will be able to address the question of whether or not you will be able to detect the dermal filler under your skin after it has been injected. For the first few days after your treatment, you will probably feel a certain firmness to your skin. This will diminish fairly quickly, though. Sometimes, particles of filler do clump together. These clumps are referred to as granulomas. They can be unsightly.

Will I be able to Feel My Dermal Fillers after they are Injected into the Skin?

Only in the first few days following the injections should you feel a firmness to the skin. That should diminish rapidly. There is a concern however of particles clumping together, called granulomas, that can form under the skin and be unsightly to the eye.

If you are considering having a dermal filler treatment done and have questions, always consult the dermal filler FAQs on any website you visit or a dermatologist for answers.

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Dermal Filler FAQs

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