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Dermal filler cream

Which is better, a filler injection or dermal filler cream? This is probably one of the most perplex questions in the world of cosmetic procedures. Up until today, it remains to be a big debate as experts and patients alike will take varying, and often contradicting sides. It becomes a choice between Botox or other similar procedures that involves injections which will provide almost immediate results, as opposed to a high end dermal filler cream that should help eliminate the signs of aging (in the face, at least) gradually. This article will hope to shed some light on this matter and provide an unbiased look at these two highly popular beautification procedures/products.

Dermal Filler Injections

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest advantages of opting for dermal filler injections is that their results are practically instantaneous. You no longer have to subject yourself to having to spend hours on end staring at the mirror waiting for the most miniscule changes. There is also no need to apply dermal filler cream every night before going to bed.

However, dermal filler injections also have its fair share of disadvantages. On top of the list is its considerably high price tag. Moreover, one injection will not do the trick and patients will have to go though follow up injections which obviously means yet more expenses. Injections also require a commitment from the patient as failing to complete the entire process may even lead to more wrinkled skin. Compared to a dermal filler cream, this is definitely one disadvantage that you'd want to steer clear of.

Filler Creams

On the other end of the spectrum is an equally effective cosmetic product known as the dermal filler cream. The reason why a lot of people choose this option over dermal injections is because of the fact that supposedly, these products target the root cause of the problem. Instead of just covering up the problem, what a dermal filler cream does is it tackles the main reason why we develop wrinkles and facial lines in the first place.

Instead of just providing a temporary wrinkle solution by pulling the skin together from below, a dermal filler cream will actually stimulate the production of nutrients and proteins in the body. This development is what naturally rejuvenates and refreshes the skin as it provides a natural solution from the inside out.

The Verdict

So what's the final say? Is the dermal filler cream truly a better alternative than filler injections? Unfortunately, we cannot provide a conclusive answer to this mind-boggling question. However, based on the arguments that have been presented, it could be said that a dermal filler cream seems to be the safer option.

Its long-term side effects are less adverse and users shouldn't end up with wrinkled faces should they choose to discontinue the use of these products. Moreover, although it is still a bit on the pricey side, it is definitely much more affordable than Botox or filler injections. One would only need to buy one dermal filler cream (or perhaps a number, but it will still end up to be the cheaper option) and use it over time as compared to multiple dermal injections.

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Dermal filler cream

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