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Lip Collagen Injections

When displeased with the appearance of their lips, some people resort to cosmetic procedures in order to modify their aspects according to their preferences. One such lip enhancing procedure is done through lip collagen injections. Lip collagen injections are mainly used for lip augmentation as they can increase the size of the lips. People can opt to have only the upper or the lower lip enhanced through this method, or they can have both of them augmented at the same time. Aside from lip enlargement, some people visit the office of a cosmetic specialist to have the appearance of their lips improved by filling in the wrinkles in the lips that can affect a person as they age.

Lip Collagen Injections

Lip collagen injections are performed in a cosmetic procedures office or in a surgical centre, and the time required for completing the whole treatment ranges between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Collagen injections contain collagen of animal origin that is found in cow skin. Since a small percentage of the population is allergic to bovine collagen, before undertaking a collagen injection procedure, patients need to be subjected to a sensitivity test in order to eliminate the risk of contracting dangerous allergic reactions.

The cost of collagen injections into the lips may vary according to several factors, but an average cost of lip collagen injections performed in the UK starts from 250.

How are Lip Collagen Injections Performed?

The specialist performing this cosmetic procedure use small needles to inject collagen into the patients' lips. The effects of collagen lip treatment don't last very long, ranging between a month and several months. The reason for that is that the collagen is slowly absorbed by the body, and thus patients undertaking lip collagen injections need to have touch-up treatments a few times a year. In addition, patients can have this procedure repeated for them in case they decide to further enjoy the effects of lip collagen injections.

Do lip collagen injections require an anaesthetic? Well, because these injections contain licodaine which acts as an anaesthetic agent, the majority of specialists do not use a separate sedative to eliminate the patients' discomfort during the procedure.

Lip Collagen Injections After Period and Recovery

Usually, the recovery period is quite small with patients needing one day or two in order to recover from the procedure. Very few require pain medication, and if swelling or bruising occurs, patients have to protect the sensitive area for a few days until they subside.

After being subjected to collagen lip treatment, people notice an immediate change in their lips, yet the results are not always the same from patient to patient. The effects of lip collagen injections are temporary, lasting up to one year and a half.

Although it is a very popular cosmetic treatment and also one with minimal risks, complications may occur with potential problems including: infections, ulcerations, allergic reactions to the bovine collagen and unsightly results which are usually in the form of asymmetrical lips.

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Lip Collagen Injections

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