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Collagen Injections

As people get old, the integrity of the skin which maintains the soft smooth and beautiful facial appearance cannot be guaranteed. Integrity of the skin is maintained by a component known as collagen which is the most abundant element in the skin. It accounts for about 80% of the total skin volume. With age, collagen is broken down and the integrity of the skin is greatly compromised. Elderly people develop frown lines, wrinkles and depressions around the cheek. With the idea that age cannot be reversed, the aged are turning to cosmetics doctors to get more collagen to enhance their skin integrity. The process of adding more collagen to body parts is commonly known as collagen injections. Collagen is injected into the body to supplement the shrinking levels of collagen and maintain a good facial appearance.

Types of Collagen Injections

There are four common types of collagen used; Zyderm, Zyplast, CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast. The first two are bovine collagen which means they are obtained from cows. Allergy tests have to be carried out when Zyderm and Zyplast are to be used. People who have beef allergies are likely to have sensitive reactions if this collagen is used. On the other hand, CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast are bioengineered and have little to no chance of causing hypersensitive reactions. There is no need to do allergy tests when using CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast collagens. Collagen injections are done at the place of interest using a very small needle. In most cases, the collagen to be used is mixed with Lidocaine which has a local anaesthetic effect ensuring there is no pain when injection is inserted. The whole procedure takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

Finding a Doctor for Collagen Injections

It is important to ensure that the procedure is done by an experienced collagen injection specialist. Inexperienced physicians can make mistakes which you may regret for the rest of your life. For example, an inexperienced physician may not be able to determine the amount of collagen that should be injected. Usually, when doctors examine the parts you would like to be filled, they are able to determine the precise amount to be used. If less or more is used, then the desired effect will not be achieved. In fact, the effects of such a scenario can make you extremely angry because you may end up having an uneven face. Therefore, ensure that you have nothing short of the best doctor. At the same time, listen to them carefully and collaborate with them to avoid any mistakes.

The Effects of Collagen Injections

The treatment has varying effects in different individuals. While some people may experience discomfort and develop swelling and bruises, others do not. If there are any such effects, they will subside within two days. Collagen injections allow you to go back to your normal schedule immediately. However, you should stay away from very low and very high temperatures as they may compromise the effectiveness of the treatment. If you are preparing to have collagen injections, you should be prepared to pay between 200 and 350 for a single treatment session. The price may vary depending on the experience of different doctors and the type of collagen used.

You should be aware that collagen injections do not have permanent effects. They last a few months after which the wrinkles, depressions and frown lines may begin to reappear. To prevent this, you may need to have between two and three collagen injections per year. Subsequent collagen injections are usually called touch ups though there is no big difference from the very first treatment. The only difference may be the amount of collagen used for the treatment.

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Collagen Injections

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