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Collagen Injections Lip

Beauty is one of the most treasured attributes in the world today due to the media scrutiny, beautiful celebrities and peer-pressure. It is amazing how much technology has evolved for the purposes of beauty treatments. Nowadays, you are not classed as beautiful unless you have a beautiful smile which can only be enhanced by plump lips. With this in mind, many people are visiting cosmetic doctors to get collagen injections lip treatments and many other treatments to ensure they are beautiful.

Who Uses Collagen Injections Lip Treatments?

The collagen injections lip procedure is used to make the lips fuller. This helps most people to maintain a good appearance and a great smile. Different people have varying reasons for having the procedure done. One factor that makes the treatment necessary is the fact that wrinkles appear everywhere in the body, including the lips, as old age catches up with people. To diminish the effects of old age on the lips, more people are turning to collagen injections. There are also those going for collagen injections lip treatments to finally achieve their dream lips.

Making the Decision

If you are considering having the procedure, you must ensure you are well informed about the process before signing up for the treatment. You can talk to a person who has had a collagen injection procedure completed in the past to get their experience or visit blogs and forums online. A practitioner can also provide you with in depth details. Experience of the people who have had collagen injections lip treatments will help you make a sober decision. Once you have decided to have the collagen injections procedure, look for a reputable cosmetic doctor.

The Collagen Injections Lip Process

In the collagen injections lip process, cosmetic doctors usually add collagen to the top, lower or both lips through injections. The procedure utilises bovine collagen obtained from cows. Prior to the collagen injections lip treatment, the cosmetic doctor has to examine you to determine several things. The first thing to be determined is whether you have a collagen allergy by using Lidocaine and dietary beef. Allergies make the procedure unsuccessful unless a different product is used. If you do have an allergy, the doctor will determine the most appropriate areas for collagen injections and mark them using special markers. The doctor will then carry out the collagen injections lip procedure in the pre-determined areas. This involves injecting collagen under the skin and a local anaesthetic is required.

The After Effects of Collagen Injections Lip

The procedure is not uncomfortable in most cases and does not take more than ten minutes. It is a walk in, walk out kind of procedure, especially if you have an appointment with the cosmetic doctor. You get in, have the procedure done and walk out within half an hour. Changes on the lips are felt as soon as the doctor finalises the lip procedure. You should note that the collagen injections procedure is not a permanent solution. To maintain its effects, you will have to visit the cosmetic doctor three to four times a year to have touch ups on the treatment.

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Collagen Injection Lip

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