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Collagen Injection FAQs

Most of people have heard of collagen and the treatments in which it is used but these collagen injections FAQs will answer the questions of people considering a collagen treatment and help to ensure they have all of the facts.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is basically a protein substance found in bones, cartilage and tendons of mammals. There are two kinds of collagen, one is bovine and the other is a human based filter. Over time, protein in the body is destroyed in the tissues, which causes damage to the cells. Collagen injections are a method of restoring the cells back to their original state and ensure they function properly.

What does Collagen Do and Who should Use It?

Collagen injections aid people facing problems of aged skin, folds and wrinkles of the facial skin. Collagen is used for treatment of all face deficiencies and problems appearing on the skin due to age. It is recommended mainly for cosmetic reasons however it can also be used in medical situations to help people that have scars from accidents. People that are most likely to need the collagen injection treatment are people older than 35 years old and up to 60 years old. Your skin gets old, dry, and loses its freshness and flexibility. So, if you want to look young again, have nicely shaped lips, or you want to make your wrinkles disappear then collagen injection treatments are for you.

Who do I Talk to About Collagen and How Long Will it Take?

All you have to do is consult a good doctor or dermatologist who will check your requirements and consult with you about your options. The procedure will take place in the doctor's office and normally lasts between 30-60 minutes. Patients are usually able to go back home or to work with no consequences or side effects. Your doctor will help you in choosing what the best treatment is for you and your case in regard to therapy and cell restoration using collagen injections.

What Issues Might I find?

Allergies could become a problem when preparing for the treatment, particularly for people with allergies to meat products. Infection could also cause a problem if the procedure is not carried out by a professional and experienced doctor. It is important for patients to consult their doctor regularly and carry out appropriate research to minimise the risk of anything going wrong. Each case is individual and cannot be generalised. 98% of patients have no problems or side effects following the treatment and the majority of people are very pleased with the outcome of the process.

By having the collagen treatment you will look younger, feel more beautiful, increase your confidence and reshape your face back to the times when you were younger. All of the treatments are cost effective and affordable for most people. It is definitely worth investing in a younger you. It is important for patients to know that the treatment does not last forever and they will be required to have 'touch up' sessions in which less collagen is applied to their bodies to maintain the required effect.

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Collagen Injection FAQs

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