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Collagen Injection Cost

Whenever a person needs to undergo a procedure that they think is beneficial, such as collagen injections, the first thing they consider are the prices of the treatment and whether it is within their price range. It therefore comes as no surprise that women considering plumping their lips, face and other parts of the body will always enquire about the collagen injections cost before they even begin to come to a conclusion about the treatment. This article gives a general review of the cost of collagen injections.

The Collagen Injections Process

The collagen to be used by the doctor determines the final collagen injections cost. The amount of collagen used may also affect the price of the treatment. Cosmetic doctors use Bovine, Dermalogen, Autologen or Isolagen. Bovine collagen obtained from cows is the most widely used. It can last from two months to twelve months depending on the individual person. Different individuals have varying metabolic rates which determine the rate at which the collagen will be absorbed.

Collagen Injections Cost

The collagen injections cost of the Bovine collagen is approximately 100, although they can reach prices of up to 180 per treatment. Dermalogen collagen is obtained from deceased donors' skin. The major advantage of this collagen is that it lasts longer than bovine, even in people with high metabolic rates. This makes it more expensive than bovine collagen making the total collagen injections between 250 and 1000.

Types of Collagen

Although the Dermalogen collagen is much better than bovine, it is not the best. Autologen collagen, which is collagen extracted from human skin, is much better than Dermalogen. This collagen is more effective and durable than Dermalogen. Availability of these collagens cannot be guaranteed as some are more difficult to get hold of. With the current high demand for collagen for various purposes, researchers developed cloned collagen called Isolagen. Isolagen is developed by using the collagen making cells obtained from behind the ears. They are developed with better effectiveness and durability. Isolagen collagen is much more effective and durable than all other collagen. This makes it a much more costly treatment costing between 500 and 750.

Side Effects of Collagen Injections

Human nature is such that more often than not, people are likely to settle on the cheapest deal rather than opting for the higher priced treatment. This however becomes a challenge with collagen injections due to allergies. The cheapest deal may be incompatible with your body system forcing you to go for another type, regardless of the cost. It is thus imperative for you to set aside approximately 750 if you are intent on going through the procedure to ensure you do not run short of money. If you have an allergy to the lowest priced collagen, the doctor will refuse to give you the treatment using that product. You should also budget for the touch up session that you may need if you want the effects to be permanent. Touch-up sessions are just slightly cheaper and you may need two or three touch up sessions every year.

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Collagen Injection Cost

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