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Collagen Injection Before and After

Collagen is one of the most important components in the body. It makes up more than 25% of the body's protein and 80% of the skin. This component is important for the operation of the normal functions of the skin. This article will discuss the effects of collagen injections before and after.


Collagen can be used for many functions within the body and is administered through injections using a small needle. The process of administering collagen is called collagen injections. Changes to a person's appearance can be witnessed shortly after the collagen injections are complete. Older people can develop wrinkles, smile lines and facial depressions over the years. This is attributed to decreasing levels of collagen in the body and this can have an adverse effect in the way people behave and feel about themselves. With these symptoms, older people can believe that their appearance is distorted. Their self-esteem and morale can become low and their sense of well-being could deteriorate. This will impact on many areas of their life, such as their social life as they may not want to socialise with their friends and families.

After the Collagen Injections

After collagen injection treatment, all the wrinkles, depressions and smile lines disappear completely. This change greatly influences morale, self-esteem and the sense of well-being which increases incredibly after the treatment. Changes brought about by collagen injections cannot be overlooked. Before the treatment, patients are not only uncomfortable with their general appearance but their behaviour may also be affected. When their appearance problem is solved by the use of collagen injections, behavioural deviations are also corrected. The two work hand in hand; solve the problem and improve the behaviour and vice versa.

Injuries and Scars

For injured people, scars can be a constant reminder of their accident. Scars in an obvious place can be very tormenting for some people. They cannot avoid being asked questions about how their scars were caused, when and how they cope with such scars. Like older people, this could easily affect morale and self-esteem. Administration of collagen injections turns the tables around. The scars, acne and any other forms of skin damage cannot be seen any more. People can change their whole appeared based on the effects of collagen.

Medical Conditions and Illness

Collagen injections have also been utilised to manage medical conditions such as stress urinary incontinence. This is a condition in which urine leaks and overflows. Most people with the condition have accidents from time to time. This could adversely affect their behaviour for example how they relate with others. In this case, collagen injections can be administered to make the urethra thicker thus controlling urine leakage. When the process is successful, there is a remarkable change in the way the patient behaves. Phobias to interact with other people cease to be a problem and their self-esteem and morale are boosted.

In summary, for people that feel they would like a boost in their appearance, collagen injections are definitely the way to go to ensure successful results with minimal pain and inconvenience.

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Collagen Injection Before and After

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