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Collagen Injection Prices

Collagen injection prices vary a lot depending on several factors. The type of collagen used is the primary factor in determining collagen injection prices. Some collagens are more durable and effective than others and last for a longer period of time. These types of collagens are more expensive compared to the less effective and less durable collagens.

The Cheapest Collagen Injection Prices

The cheapest collagen injection prices range between 100 and 400 per session. Such prices are charged when bovine collagen, which is the least effective and durable, is used. Dermalogen and Autologen collagens cost between 250 and 600 per treatment.

The Most Expensive Collagen Injection Prices

The most expensive collagen is the Isolagen collagen with the collagen injection prices costing between 500 and 750. Dermalogen and Autologen collagens are more effective and durable than bovine collagen but less expensive and less durable compared to Isolagen collagen. The variations in the various types of collagen injection prices can be accounted for by experience of the doctor and the status of the country. If you are looking for a cheap option you should inform your doctor of this during the first consultation and they will provide you with options that you may take.

The Cost of the Doctor

Different doctors charge different prices depending on their experience. Doctors with more experience charge higher fees compared to other doctors with less experience. This is because the years of experience they get from their respective colleges and hands on training do not permit them to make common mistakes like the ones sometimes made by inexperienced doctors. Experienced doctors are able to determine the place to inject and the amount of collagen required once they examine the patient. Therefore, they cannot use more collagen than required or inject in the wrong place. Any mistakes in the collagen treatment does not only frustrate the client but they are also likely to inflate collagen injection prices in the long term. This is because the patients will require correction procedures for the damage made.

Collagen Injection Prices Vary from Country to Country

Collagen injection prices also vary from place to place and country to country. These prices may vary in different locations within a country because of the differences in cost of living. While cosmetic doctors in some countries have ready access to collagen, doctors in other countries may not have access to collagen and if they do, collagen injection prices would be high. You cannot compare collagen availability in Europe or America with collagen availability in third world African countries.

Collagen availability in developed countries is higher making the collagen injection prices lower. On the other hand, collagen availability in third world countries may be limited making the collagen injection prices more expensive. In addition, the numbers of cosmetic doctors in third world countries are low. As the numbers of doctors are low, they are able to charge whatever price they choose for the collagen treatments as patients are not able to find another local doctor. This is another recipe for making collagen injection prices higher.

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Collagen Injection Prices

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